Orion Labs

Orion Labs (Python, Node.JS, Ruby, Go, et al)
I am Cofounder & CTO of Orion Labs and we're making AWESOME communications wearables that will change the world. Join us, won't you?


ssl-vault Cookbook (Ruby)
Chef Cookbook to manage SSL keys, certificates & chains.
graphite_reporting_handler Cookbook (Ruby)
Chef Cookbook to push Run Report metrics to Graphite.
monkey Cookbook (Ruby)
Chef Cookbook for monkey-patching Chef itself.
sftp Cookbook (Ruby)
Chef Cookbook for installing & configuring a chroot SFTP server.
pygster Cookbook (Ruby)
Chef Cookbook & LWRP for installing and configuring Pygster, a pure-python Logster alternative.
ngrok Cookbook (Ruby)
Chef Cookbook for configuring & installing an ngrok tunnel client.


Pygster (Python)
Stripped down pure-Python logster using pygtail, derived from ec_logster and logster.
Pygster Parsers (Python)
Additional Pygster parsers for various log formats.
Hubot HostedGraphite (CoffeeScript)
Hubot package for displaying Graphite graphs from
PagerDuty Alert for Splunk (Python)
Splunk App for triggering PagerDuty Incidents from Searches, Events and Alerts.
Graphite Output for Splunk App (Python)
Splunk App that enables Graphite Output for Searches, Events and Alerts.

Amateur Radio

aprs (Python)
APRS Python Module, a pure-Python interface to APRS-IS and APRS-KISS.
kiss (Python)
KISS Python Module, a pure-Python KISS interface library.


jeb (Python)
JEB: Just Enough Blog, the engine behind this site.
pydstat (Python)
Pythonic pidstat.
pypirc (Python)
.pypirc Management Client.
pygitflow (Python)
Install Git Flow as a Python Distribution Package.
Hubot Netatmo (CoffeeScript)
Hubot package for querying the Netatmo Urban Weather Station.
...more projects.